PAX AUS 2017

Went to PAX Australia on the weekend. Played a lot of cool games and even got to show off DOGO a little.

I was also there for a panel talk about learning to make games which was a lot of fun and turned out to raise some really interesting discussions between education, industry and hobbyist game development.

Although it wasn’t my first time there, I would definitely go again – maybe with a full Pixel Barons booth?

DOGO Steam Release

DOGO has released on Steam and is now available to purchase. We will be sending out keys for those who pre-purchased the game shortly.

In an ancient ritual of eclipse, a brutal and barbaric battle in conversion takes place. A battle for destiny and dominance in a harsh, primitive world, where heroism and passion are the highest virtues. Tides can shift in all battles, in a tireless storm of bravery and ascension.

DOGO is a strictly local-multiplayer, competitive platformer in which players compete in an ancient ritual to convert opposing cultures to their own alignment. Player characters are controlled as one entity, promoting skillful play and tactical precision amongst the chaos of the swarm.

Check out the game’s steam page for more information.